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Company News

  • Protection Method of the Inverter
    Oct 28,2020
    In order to reduce costs, many solar pump inverter manufacturers did not consider heat dissipation. In this way, when the load current is large or the charging current is large, the heat increases, an...
    Publisher: MICNO
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  • Knowledge of Solar Pump Inverter System
    Oct 25,2020
    The photovoltaic water pump system is composed of a solar cell array, a solar pump inverter, an AC water pump and a water storage device. It uses solar cells as a power source to directly draw water f...
    Publisher: MICNO
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  • The Method and Process of Vector Control Inverter
    Oct 22,2020
    With the rapid development of the world economy, energy demand has surged. The energy crisis and environmental pollution are becoming more and more serious, and it is urgent to vigorously develop rene...
    Publisher: MICNO
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  • Classification of Solar Power Generation Systems
    Oct 19,2020
    Solar power system parts are divided into off-grid power generation system, grid-connected power generation system and distributed power generation system. The following is a detailed introduction to ...
    Publisher: MICNO
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  • Hardware Design and Characteristics of Solar DC Combiner Box
    Oct 16,2020
    The structure of the solar DC combiner box and the manufacturing quality of the cabinet itself, the connection of the main circuit, the installation of secondary lines and electrical components, etc. ...
    Publisher: MICNO
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  • The Advantages of Solar Energy and Its Composition and Operation Process
    Oct 13,2020
    1. System composition(1) Photovoltaic array: It is also called solar cell module, which mainly converts the light energy of the sun into electrical energy, and provides working power for the load wate...
    Publisher: MICNO
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  • The Development of Soft Starters
    Oct 10,2020
    The soft starter is a motor control equipment that integrates soft start, soft stop, light load energy saving and multi-function protection. It can start the motor smoothly without impact during the w...
    Publisher: MICNO
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  • Characteristics and Maintenance of Industrial Automation Spare Parts
    Oct 07,2020
    Industrial automation spare parts are the collective name for many automation products. Automation equipment is to automatically complete the tasks of the work flow according to the set instructions o...
    Publisher: MICNO
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