Application of KE300A-01 Photovoltaic Pump Inverter

Application of KE300A-01 Photovoltaic Pump Inverter



Solar power water pump systems use persistent energy from the sun, working at dawn and resting at dusk without the need for supervision, fossil fuels, or integrated power grids. It can be used with drip, spray, seepage and other irrigation facilities to effectively solve land irrigation problems, increase yield, save energy and water, and significantly reduce the input costs of traditional energy and electricity. It has become a new economic model that combines the photovoltaic industry with traditional industries such as agriculture, water conservancy, desert control, domestic and urban water, and is a new energy and technology product that provides a comprehensive system solution for global "food" and "energy" problems.

Shortcomings of Traditional Solar Power Water Pump Control Systems

1. The output speed cannot be dynamically adjusted according to sunlight, causing the current of the solar power water pump control system to be too large, which is easy to malfunction.

2. The control of the solar power water pump is imperfect, such as weak light dormancy, strong light awakening, high water level dormancy, underload warning and other protection control functions.

3. The switching control between solar power and the power grid is complex. At night, if there is no PV input energy, the water pump will stop working. Some projects require the water pump to remain in working order.

4. Does not support remote control and cannot monitor the operation status of the machine or start or stop the control system via a mobile application or website.


Introduction to KE300A-01 Series Photovoltaic Water Pump Inverter

Based on the internationally leading high-performance vector core control algorithm without a speed sensor and combined with the application control characteristics of photovoltaic water pumps, an expert intelligent control algorithm was developed to achieve maximum power point tracking (when sunlight is sufficient, the water pump runs at full rated capacity; when sunlight weakens, the operating frequency is reduced; when sunlight further weakens, the pump stops). Some dedicated functions for photovoltaic water pumps were added (such as weak light dormancy, strong light awakening, high water level dormancy, and underload warning protection control functions). The photovoltaic power supply and the power grid switching were designed with dual loop safety, which can achieve automatic switching without human intervention to ensure the normal operation of the water pump. It supports GPRS module and people can operate the system through a website platform or a mobile application.

Application Solution for Photovoltaic Water Pumps

The solution is shown in the following figure.


                      Wiring diagram for dedicated photovoltaic water pump inverter

水箱水位模拟量检测 Water tank level analog quantity detection

水箱满水位检测 Water tank full level detection

水箱低水位检测 Low water level detection of water tank

井底缺水检测 Detection of water shortage at the bottom of the well

For water pumps with a power less than 2.2 KW, when we configure solar panels, the photovoltaic power is sufficient, but the output voltage is insufficient, so more solar panels need to be purchased to increase the photovoltaic voltage. However, Mecano can provide a boost module that supports low PV voltage input and high DC voltage output to reduce the number of solar panels used. The automatic switch module can detect the output voltage of the voltmeter and send the voltage signal to the inverter. The inverter will control the contactor to turn on or off the AC power input.



● KE300A-01 integrates many functions, such as reducing photovoltaic input voltage, switching between DC power switch and AC power switch input channels. After the first setting of parameters for the solar inverter, end users do not need to maintain it.

● After sunset, the light will become weak. KE300A-01 can detect that the PV voltage is less than the set value, and it will automatically switch the power input channel from PV to the AC power grid. If only the PV channel can input voltage, then KE300A-01 will hibernate in weak light and automatically awaken in the morning.