Spare Parts

MICNO offers a large selection of industrial automation spare parts that complete or complement our family of industrial control products. Using our quality MDB series industrial automation spare parts such as brake Unit, Energy Feedback Unit, Filter, Braking Resistor, Reactor, LCD Keypad, Extension Card in your control system's application can make the difference between optimum and problematic performance. With MICNO high quality inverter spare parts to your controller, interface, and feedback sensor, MICNO plc spare parts can enhance your automation's operating environment. Email us and use the following variable speed drive spare parts and HMI parts such as HMI filters, reactors, and inverter braking resistor unit to save time, expenses, constructions and improve system performance, satisfy customers' demands.

  • MDB Series Brake Unit

    MDB series braking units for inverter uses advanced power control technology to develop high-performance brake products in combination with a new generation of IGBT power devices.
  • Energy Feedback Unit

    The energy feedback feeds the regenerative electric energy generated in the process of motor speed regulation to the power grid, avoiding the energy loss caused by the resistance heating of the conventional energy-consuming braking unit.
  • (VFD, PLC, HMI) Filter

    MICNO filter is an HMI filter for inverter used to eliminate interfering noise, filtering the input or output to obtain a pure power supply. The plc filter can effectively filter out frequencies at a ...
  • Inverter Braking Resistor Unit

    MICNO braking resistor unit is made of special vertical corrugated flat wire. The VFD braking resistor is tightly combined and has good heat dissipation. The inverter braking resistor has high surface flame retardant and high temperature resistant insulating coating. Our braking resistor unit can withstand temperatures up to 500 °C without noise, interference, and harmful magnetic fields. Easy to install, can be customized resistor box to match various brands of inverters.
  • Reactor

    MICNO Reactor is the a vfd output load reactor to reduce harmonics and increase power.
  • LCD Keypad Module

    MICNO LCD Keypad is a lcd programmable keypad module with custom designs to meet different requirements. The programmable LCD keyboard supports Chinese and English display.
  • Extension Card

    MICNO supplies different types of expansion cards to enhance the functions of a component of the system unit to provides extra features and facilities. Multiple multi-function extension cards for more product-specific uses. Get the extension card price from the industrial automation spare parts manufacturer.