Highlights in 2020 MICNO Marketing Conference and Team Building Activities

Highlights in 2020 MICNO Marketing Conference and Team Building Activities


In order to better summarize the past, unify the thinking, and achieve better results, the company organizes domestic marketing seminars from 2020/12/9 to 2020/12/11.

The main content is:

1. Review the growth process of MICNO and look forward to the future;

2. Summarize the achievements and shortcomings achieved in 2020;

3. Discuss industry planning, channel layout, and product planning;

4. Discuss and formulate the goal plan for the next three years;

5. Discuss the formulation of sales incentive systems and measures;

This meeting outlined a vision, pointed out the direction, and unified thinking for 2021 and the next three years. It will also provide theoretical and institutional guarantees for the precise marketing efforts in 2021, focusing on key regions and key industries.

2020 is a shining year for the development of MICNO's marketing, and it is also the fastest year for MICNO's domestic marketing team to grow. In 2020, the domestic marketing team has recruited many sales elites and young reserve forces. In order to enhance the new colleagues' understanding of the company and communication with the company's various functional departments. The company specially organized a special company-wide team building activity.

Here we have recorded some interesting and meaningful tidbits, which helps keep some fragmentary memories for the history of MICNO's growth.

On December 12, 2020, the weather was clear and the autumn was clear. We came to Dashu Farm. Under the careful arrangement of the counselor, the colleagues of the company were arranged into four groups. Each group elected a team leader and a secretary and a series of activities were held. The most impressive is:

1. The activity of using plastic U-shaped grooves to pass table tennis ball required that: each team member took a segment of the grooves within the specified time and arrange them in an orderly row.; the secretary put the ball in the groove of the first team member, and made the ball advance at a constant speed, and the team members passed it in turn to a customized container a certain distance away. The one with the largest number of balls won. Each group can practice for 10 minutes before the start of the activity.


This activity gave us the insights: to find ways with teamwork, to follow instructions, to remedy mistakes in a timely manner without panic, and mutual encouragement are the elements of team victory.

2. The bounced golf activity prop is a disc. Several ropes are tied around the disc. The players of each team hold the ball in a circle and place the ball in the center of the disc. The players pull the ropes to lift the ball in the disc. Then catch the ball with the disc, and the team that receives the most balls within the specified time won. Each team sent several observers to supervise each other and count the number.

The sentiment given to us by this activity is: the goal must be clear (where is the ball), the pace must be consistent, the mind must be consistent, the error correction must be timely (picking the ball), and team members should encourage each other, which are the indispensable elements for winning.

3. Rope swing activity: The prop is a rope, tied with a rope to form a rope loop, and the team members grabbed the rope with both hands and scattered.

Tighten the rope to form a circle, and let a heavier player walk a circle on the rope. Then shake the rope in the same direction to challenge 1,000 times.


The insights this activity gave us are: trust your team (the team will definitely be able to hold you up), act in a consistent pace so that work can be without fatigue, and have perseverance to challenge the impossible.

4. Barbecuing and bonfire parties can relax the mood, increase understanding, let go of grievances, and leave good memories in our mind. It is recommended that the company have more similar activities in the future.


Summary: Mini games contain great principles, wisdom can be found in entertainment, which you can get insights from; collective activities can boost communication, strengthen trust, unite people, and make the team more effective.