Inverter Special Reactor

Inverter Special Reactor


The reactor is connected between the power supply and the inverter, which can limit the current impact caused by the sudden change of the grid voltage and the operating overvoltage, effectively protect the inverter and improve the power factor of the inverter, and suppress the harmonic current input by the inverter into the grid; Input AC inverter reactor limits circuit feedback in the form of harmonics. It can also reduce the AC current and its frequency caused by switching the input rectifier in the DC link capacitor.

Performance characteristics of inverter reactor:

1. Low temperature rise, low loss, low cost and high comprehensive utilization rate.

2. Small size, light weight, small space occupation and easy installation.

The iron core is made of high-quality silicon steel sheet. The core column is divided into even small pieces by multiple air gaps. The air gap uses high-temperature and high-strength adhesive glue to tightly bond each small section of the core column with the upper and lower iron yokes. The high-quality anti-rust paint spraying process solves the problem of rust on the surface of the reactor core. The noise and vibration are greatly reduced during operation. The reactors all adopt vacuum dipping process and are cured by high temperature heat drying. The coil has good insulation performance, high overall mechanical strength, and good moisture resistance. The coil adopts F and H class insulation system, which greatly improves the reliability of long-term operation.