Comparison and Analysis of High Voltage Inverter and Low Voltage Inverter

Comparison and Analysis of High Voltage Inverter and Low Voltage Inverter


MICNO has introduced some relevant knowledge about frequency converters to you. I believe that you already have a comprehensive understanding of high-voltage frequency converters. Let me introduce you to the relevant knowledge of high-voltage frequency converters and low-voltage frequency converters.

1. Introduction of high voltage frequency converter

A frequency converter is a power control device that converts a power frequency power supply into another frequency by using the on-off function of a power semiconductor device. With the rapid development of modern power electronic technology and microelectronics technology, high-voltage and high-power variable frequency speed control devices are constantly maturing.

For testing high-voltage, large-capacity high-voltage inverters, due to the large voltage and current values, general instruments cannot meet the requirements. Voltage or current sensors should be used, and then connected to the instrument for measurement. WP4000 frequency conversion power analyzer can realize the input, output and efficiency test of high voltage frequency converter with voltage of 10kV and current of 7000A according to the maximum test of different frequency conversion power sensors.

2. Introduction of low voltage inverter

Adjustable output frequency AC motor drives with voltage levels below 690V are classified as low-voltage inverters. With the continuous maturity of low-voltage inverter technology, the application of low-voltage inverter determines its different classification. From a technical point of view, the control method of the low-voltage inverter also shows its technical style to a certain extent.

Low-voltage inverter modulation is characterized by simple control circuit structure, low cost, and good mechanical properties and hardness, which can meet the smooth speed regulation requirements of general transmissions, and has been widely used in various fields of the industry.

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