Solar System Parts

MICNO is a solar system parts supplier that offers customers all parts of the solar system, one-stop service, safer and more reliable. A basic solar power generation system consists of different parts of the solar system such as solar panels, a charge controller, an inverter, and a battery. The function of the solar panel is to directly convert the solar radiation energy into direct current for use by the load or stored in the battery for future use. Generally according to the needs of users, a number of solar panels are connected in a certain way to form a square array of solar cells, which is then equipped with appropriate brackets and junction boxes. In different types of photovoltaic power generation systems, the charging controllers are different, and their functions and complexity vary greatly. This needs to be determined according to the system requirements and importance. The function of the inverter is to invert the low-voltage DC power provided by the solar cell array and the storage battery to 220 volts AC power for the AC load. The battery pack stores the DC power generated by the solar cell square array for storage. All of those parts needed to build a solar system is provided at MICNO, get price quote from the solar parts supplier.