Application of KE300A Variable Frequency Drive in Chemical Industry

Application of KE300A Variable Frequency Drive in Chemical Industry


With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, various advanced production technologies and manufacturing processes have emerged in modern chemical production, laying a solid foundation for modern chemical production and promoting the development of chemical enterprises and industry. In many modern chemical productions, frequency converters are inevitably used, and they play a very important role in improving the quality and efficiency of chemical production, reducing the cost of chemical production, and increasing the economic benefits of chemical enterprises.

In the chemical industry, frequency converters are mainly used in fans, pumps and mechanical speed regulating equipment. There are many branches in the chemical industry, and the differences in the production process are large. The power range of the frequency converters used is very wide, ranging from less than 1 KW to several thousand kilowatts. The following mainly analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of common mixers and centrifuges in chemical production.

Mixer (Fermenter, Agitator) Load

Mixer load is also the most common and relatively large load in chemical workshops, with a wide range of power specifications, so it is recommended to select constant torque frequency converters with the same power specifications for selection.

Centrifugal Machine Load

Centrifugal machinery belongs to large moment of inertia load, and its speed changes greatly, so it is generally equipped with braking unit and braking resistance to achieve rapid stopping. The working cycle is short-time repetitive control, or even positive and negative rotation control.

The MICNO KE300A frequency converter has been widely used in many chemical plants. It not only meets the energy-saving requirements of chemical plants, but also promotes the optimization of chemical production processes and ensures the safe and stable operation of the production process.

The Original System Defects

(1) At the start, the current is large, causing a large impact on the power grid.

(2) At the start, there is a large mechanical impact, leading to a low service life.

(3) There is a high noise level, and the corrosive gas has a severe impact on the electronic components.

(4) The adjusting accuracy is poor.

(5) There is a high failure rate, long maintenance time and high cost.

Advantages of KE300A MICNO Vector Frequency Converter

(1) KE300A series vector frequency converter has a large low-frequency torque, and can reach 150% of the starting torque at 0.5Hz.

(2) Using frequency control, it achieves maximum energy saving while meeting process requirements.

(3) The entire series adopts independent air duct design, and there is an option for internal or external installation of the radiator cabinet, which reduces the accumulation of dust on the core components during fan heat dissipation process. After 48 hours of high-temperature aging test and load test, it provides reliability for long-term operation.

(4) The three-defense paint (dust-proof, moisture-proof, and anti-corrosion) is thickened, which effectively avoids the corrosion of gas on the internal board components of the frequency converter, and is strictly manufactured in accordance with the workshop 7S standard.

(5) Soft start is used for the motor, preventing the power grid from being impacted, and prolonging the mechanical service life.

(6) It can respond quickly to load changes and external control commands, with high control accuracy, high speed stability accuracy and fast dynamic response.