Servo System

Servo system is an automatic servo motor feedback system that enables the output controlled quantity of an object's position, orientation, state, etc. to follow any change in the input target (or a given value). Servo is mainly positioned by pulses. Basically, it can be understood that when a servo motor receives a pulse, servo tracking system will rotate the angle corresponding to 1 pulse to achieve displacement. Because the servo motor itself has the function of emitting pulses, the servo motor rotating an angle will send a corresponding number of pulses. In this way, it responds to the pulses received by the servo motor, or is called a closed loop, so the servo system is also known as a servo motor closed loop control system. In this way, the ac servo control system will know how many pulses are sent to the servo motor and how many pulses are received back In this way, it is possible to control the rotation of the motor very accurately, thereby achieving precise positioning, which can reach 0.001mm. In addition to AC servo system, DC servo motors are divided into brushed and brushless motors.

  • Servo Drive

    MICNO servo drive includes a universal servo and dedicated servo system to provide high performance, high reliability, high quality, cost-effective products, to meet the needs of a variety of industrial environments and critical systems, to achieve the perfect combination of servo and solution.