• KE300A Series Open Loop Vector Control Inverter

KE300A Series Open Loop Vector Control Inverter

KE300A Series High Performance Open Loop Vector Control Inverter widely used for the asynchronous motor driving where better speed control and low-frequency torque are required . KE300A is built on TI's powerful DSP-based motor control chip, with the adoption of the sensorless current vector control (SVC) and open-loop torque control (TC). KE300A enhances its reliability to meet the requirements of environment adaptability, customized and industrialized design with more optimized functions, more flexible applications and more stable performance.

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Features of KE300A Series Open Loop Vector Control inverter

  • Excellent design and superb manufacturing process

  • Powerful hardware speed tracking

With powerful hardware speed tracking, easily responding to the applications with large inertia requiring quick start.

  • Accurate parameter identification

With an optimized motor parameter autotuning model, providing more precise identification.

  • Enhanced oscillation suppression

  • Fast current limiting

With fast current limiting function, easily responding to the conditions with sudden load, greatly reducing the probability of inverter's frequent overcurrent fault.

  • Dual PID switching

With dual PID switching function, adapting to varied complicated conditions  with flexibility

  • Original energy-saving mode

With an original energy-saving mode, when at a light load, reducing the output voltage automatically, making more efficient energy saving.

  • Optimized V/F separation

  • Flux-weakening  control

frequency could be up to 3000Hz, easy for the applications requiring high speed.

  • Powerful PC monitoring software, offer RS485 communication interface, support MODBUS-RTU communication protocol.

Applications of KE300A Series Open Loop Vector Control inverter:

Motor, Mine, Machine Tools, Textile, Oil, Other Machineries

Technical Specifications of KE300A Series Open Loop Vector Control inverter

ItemTechnical IndexSpecification
InputInput voltage1AC/3AC 220V±15%, 3AC 380V±15%, 3AC 660V±15%
Input frequency47~63Hz
OutputOutput voltageO~rated input voltage
Output frequencyV/f control: 0~3000Hn
Sensorless vector control: 0~300Hn
Control FeaturesControl modeV/f control
Sensorless vector control
Torque control
Operation command modeKeypad control
Terminal control
Serial communication control
Frequency setting modeDigital setting, analog setting, pulse frequency setting, serial communication setting, multi-step speed setting & simple PLC, RID setting, etc. These frequency settings can be combined & switched in various modes.
Overload capacityG model: 150% 60s, 180% 10s, 200% 3s
P model: 120% 60s, 150% 10s, 180% 3s
Starting torque0.5HZ/150% (SVC); IHz/150% (V/f)
Speed adjustment range1:100 (SVC); 1:50(V/f)
Speed control precision±0.5% (SVC)
Carrier frequency1.0—16.0kHz, automatically adjusted according to temperature and load characteristics
Frequency accuracyDigital setting: 0.01 Hz
Analog setting: maximum frequency * 0.05%
Torque boostAutomatically torque boost; manually torque boost: 0.1   30.0%
V/f CURVEThree types: linear, multiple points and square type (1.2 power, 1.4 power, 1.6 power, 1.8 power, square)
Acceleration/deceleration modeStraight line/S curve; four kinds of acceleration/deceleration time, range: 0.1s 〜3600.0s
DC brakingDC braking when starting and stopping
DC braking frequency: 0.0Hz—maximum frequency, braking time: 0.0s—100.0s
Jog operationJog operation frequency: O.OHz—maximum frequency
Jog acceleration/deceleration time: 0.1 s—3600.0s
Simple PLC & multi-step speed operationIt can realize a maximum of 16 segments speed running via the built-in PLC or control terminal.
Built-in RIDBuilt-in PID control to easily realize the close loop control of the process parameters (such as pressure, temperature, flow, etc.)
Automatic voltage regulationKeep output voltage constant automatically when input voltage fluctuating

Selection Table of KE300A Series Open Loop Vector Control inverter

KE300A Series Open Loop Vector Control inverter



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