Soft Starter

As a motor soft starter manufacturer, MICNO offers a wide range of low voltage, medium voltage, high voltage and wide voltage grade universal, digital intelligent and high start soft start. Our ac motor soft start adopts world-class technology, flexible application and stable operation which can be widely used in various fields of industrial automation. AC motor soft start is a novel motor control soft start device that integrates motor soft start, soft stop, light load energy saving and multiple protection functions. The power electronics soft starter uses three opposite parallel thyristors as voltage regulators, which are connected between the power supply and the motor stator. Such a circuit is, for example, a three-phase fully controlled bridge rectifier circuit. When the three phase soft starter is used to start the motor, the output voltage of the thyristor gradually increases, and the motor gradually accelerates until the thyristor is fully turned on.  

The motor works on the mechanical characteristics of the rated voltage to achieve smooth start, reduce the starting current, and avoid starting overcurrent trip. When the motor reaches the rated number of revolutions, the start-up process ends. The generator soft start automatically replaces the thyristor with a bypass contactor to provide the rated voltage for the normal operation of the motor to reduce the heat loss of the thyristor and extend the use of the soft start starter. Life, improve its working efficiency, and prevent the grid from harmonic pollution. The soft start starter also provides a soft stop function. The soft stop is opposite to the digital soft starter process. The voltage gradually decreases and the number of revolutions gradually decreases to zero to avoid the torque shock caused by free stop. MICNO can offer high voltage soft starters, medium voltage soft starters, low voltage soft starters for various motor types.

  • Low Voltage Soft Starter

    Low voltage soft starter is suitable for the start-up of squirrel-cage asynchronous motors with voltage class 380V. The reduced voltage soft starter is widely used in electric power, municipal water supply, mining, mining equipment, pharmaceutical, paper and so on.
  • Medium Voltage Soft Starter

    The medium voltage soft starter is suitable for the start-up of squirrel-cage asynchronous motors with voltage class 690V or 1140V. It 's widely used in electric power, metallurgy, mining, mining equipment, etc.
  • High Voltage Soft Starter

    The high voltage soft starter is a new type of intelligent motor starting device suitable for squirrel cage asynchronous and synchronous motors. Applicable to the rated voltage of 3-15KV AC started. Our high voltage soft starter widely used in cement manufacturing, petroleum gas, metallurgy, electric power, mining and so on.

MICNO, the Soft Starter Manufacturer

As a motor soft starter manufacturer, we offer a series of low, medium and high voltage soft starters to meet various industrial applications.

Soft Starter Principle

A soft starter device works by controlling the voltage running through the motor's circuits. The controlling is done by limiting torque in the motor. This in turn allows the power electronics soft starter to reduce the voltage and allows it to gradually stop the decrease of the voltage to allow for a smooth operation with current.

Soft Starter Vs Inverter

Power electronics soft starters and inverters both adopt starting method by reducing inrush current and limiting torque. Soft starter doesn't vary the frequency, the soft starter just helps to lower the starting current and smoother the start-up whereas the inverter uses transistors to convert the DC voltage and sends the motor a frequency in Hertz. 

What Is the Use of Soft Starter

During the start-up phase of motors, A soft starter device can control the three-phase motor's voltage supply to smoothly accelerate Mechanical operating equipment. Using a soft starter can lengthen the service life, improve operating behavior, and smooths current flows. Our soft starter China are widely used in industrial applications that have a high inertia load that requires a large inrush of current.