Knowledge of Solar Pump Inverter System

Knowledge of Solar Pump Inverter System


The photovoltaic water pump system is composed of a solar cell array, a solar pump inverter, an AC water pump and a water storage device. It uses solar cells as a power source to directly draw water from deep wells, rivers, lakes and other water sources through water pumps.

The photovoltaic array absorbs solar radiation energy and converts it into electrical energy to provide power for the entire system. The solar pump inverter converts the DC power output by the photovoltaic array into AC power and drives the water pump, and adjusts the output voltage and frequency in real time according to the change of sunlight intensity, realizes maximum power point tracking, and maximizes the use of solar energy. When the sunshine intensity becomes weak, the solar pump system can realize the function of city power switching, and the city power acts as a supplementary energy source for the photovoltaic water pump system.

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