What Are the Applications of the Low Voltage Inverter?

What Are the Applications of the Low Voltage Inverter?


As for the application field, frequency converters have been widely used in various industries in China, such as metallurgy, chemical, papermaking, machinery and more. The specific applications vary widely, from small-scale applications such as blowers, conveying machines, feeders, mixers, grinders, crushers, paper cutters, rolling machines, extruders, valves, compressors, cooling steps, plastic machinery, elevators, various textile industries, to large-scale applications such as paper machines in paper mills, injection molding machines in mold factories, rolling mills in metallurgical plants, and fans, pumps, cranes, pipelines in chemical and other industries.

Chemical, stone and textile industries have the greatest differences in the application of frequency converters, and users of various grades of products can be found in these industries. Therefore, chemical, stone and textile industries are the most complex industries for frequency converter brands, almost all brands have a market in these industries. low voltage inverter commonly used in the following application fields:

The application of the low voltage inverter in fans

With the continuous development of industry, the low voltage inverter is increasingly widely used in fans, especially in the chemical, stone and textile industries. There is generally the issue of air volume in fan design, and throttling, that is, damper regulation method, is commonly used when air volume needs to be adjusted. But this leads to unnecessary losses, and using variable frequency speed regulation can easily adjust according to actual needs. Due to the elimination of unnecessary losses and the improvement of power factor, its comprehensive energy saving rate is more than 30%.

The application of the low voltage inverter in speed-regulating machinery

In speed-regulating machinery such as extruders, material feed regulation, conveyor belts, etc., slip differential regulation motors, three-phase commutator motors or DC motors are basically used for speed regulation. The speed regulation performance of low voltage inverter on motor speed regulation is poor, the speed stability is poor, the failure rate is high, and the efficiency is low. While DC motors and commutator motors have complex structures, high failure rates and maintenance costs, and can produce sparks when working, which is extremely unsafe. Replacing these motors with asynchronous motors and variable frequency regulators can greatly improve efficiency, save energy, require less maintenance, and be safe, reliable with a short investment payback period, which is extremely beneficial for improving enterprise economic benefits.

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