Human Machine Interface Equipment of Industrial Control System

Human Machine Interface Equipment of Industrial Control System


1. What is HMI human machine interface?

The human machine interface equipment in the industrial automatic control system is the engineer station and operator station that we often talk about, it is also collectively named human machine interface with the abbreviation of HMI. HMI is designed to meet the needs of factory users for process equipment operation monitoring, control, and maintenance operations. These users can be classified as:

  • Field operator

  • Head of duty

  • Duty manager

  • Process engineer

  • Instrumentation engineer

Normally, field operators use consoles of specific equipment.The company system provides consoles and reasonable installation design for the computer host, display, and operating keyboard, which meets the most advanced human-centered ergonomic design performance.

2. Types of HMI human machine interface

The types of HMI human machine interface can be classified into the process flow chart, process alarm summary screen, process historical data trend display, system configuration screen, system status screen, and system fault event summary screen.

Different types of operating stations can be equipped based on different field data access requirements, which can directly communicate with the controller, or obtain display data through the server.