Solar Pump Inverter Can Solve Water Problems in Remote Areas

Solar Pump Inverter Can Solve Water Problems in Remote Areas


The solar pump inverter is a device in the control part of the solar water pump (inverter + water pump). It forms a solar water pumping system with solar cells, and mainly plays the role of maximum power tracking and speed regulation in the system.

1. Application fields of solar pump inverter

The solar water pump is a water pumping device powered by solar energy, which consists of a solar pump inverter and a water pump. In application, the solar cell array with corresponding power is configured according to the demand of lift and daily water consumption, which is called solar water pumping system. solar pump inverters are mainly used in agricultural irrigation, desert control, grassland animal husbandry, urban water features, domestic water and other fields.

In recent years, as the global solar power products continue to move from the urban application market to larger-scale demand markets such as farmland, grassland, and desert, solar water pumps have become the integration of solar energy industry and traditional industries such as agricultural water conservancy, desert management, domestic water, and urban waterscape. The core product of development.

2. The role of solar pump inverter

The solar pump inverter utilizes the long-lasting energy from the sun, works at sunrise and stops at sunset, without manual duty, without diesel oil, without power grid, without energy storage batteries, and directly drives the water pump to raise water (it can also store water instead of storage) Electricity), solar water pump and drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, infiltration irrigation and other irrigation facilities are used in combination, which can save water and energy, and greatly reduce the input cost of using fossil energy power.

The solar pump inverter independently developed and produced is specially designed for the inductive load of water pump. It adopts advanced maximum efficiency tracking technology, and the conversion efficiency is as high as 98%, which can maximize the use of solar energy. And it has comprehensive protection functions, such as high and low water level protection, soft start function, overload, low load, no-load protection, high and low voltage protection, etc.

When the light intensity is insufficient or it encounters rainy weather, it can be connected to the mains or the backup power supply of the oil machine to drive the system to pump water to meet the 24-hour uninterrupted water demand of users. The control method of the frequency conversion motor of the solar water pump is frequency conversion control. As the light intensity increases, the output frequency gradually increases, and the corresponding pump motor rotates faster and stronger. No battery interface design, no battery input required. For pure water storage applications, PV inverters are undoubtedly the best choice. With the development of solar inverter technology and people's comprehensive consideration of environmental protection, the PV inverter will become the preferred solution to solve the problem of water use in remote areas due to its advantages of convenient installation, no need for manual duty, low cost, and zero carbon emissions!