VFD for Solar Pump

VFD for Solar Pump


Advantages of Solar Pump

1. Flexible control:

Segmented water supply, timed water supply, manual work mode selection.

2. Power saving:

Optimized energy-saving control software enables the pump to achieve maximum energy-saving operation.

3. Water saving:

The pressure of the pipe network is set according to the actual water consumption, and the water output of the water pump is automatically controlled to reduce water leakage.

4. Reliable operation:

The soft-start is realized by the VFD for solar pump, so that the pump can realize the impact-free switching from the power frequency to the frequency conversion, to prevent the impact of the pipe network, and avoid the pressure of the pipe network from exceeding the limit and the pipe rupture.

5. Perfect self-protection function:

If a certain pump fails, it will actively send out an alarm message to the upper computer and start the standby pump at the same time to maintain the water supply balance. In case of failure of the automatic control system, the user can directly operate the manual system to protect the water supply.

6. Networking function:

The VFD pump adopts industrial control configuration software to monitor each site in real-time, such as the voltage, current, working frequency of the motor, the pressure, and flow of the pipe network. And it can accumulate the power consumption of each site, and the water output of each pump, and provide various forms of printed reports for analysis and statistics.