Parameter Setting for the Debugging of High-speed Spindle

Parameter Setting for the Debugging of High-speed Spindle


Ⅰ. Parameters and control requirements of supporting motor

1. Motor parameters

Rated power2.2KWRated voltage220VRated speed60000Rated frequency1000HZ

2. Control requirements:

(1) The control system sends the X1 switch signal to the frequency converter as forward rotation control.

(2) Use 0--10V analog signal as frequency setting.

(3) For "frequency conversion fault", "zero speed operation" and "speed arrival", there must be a switching value signal and output signal.

Ⅱ. Wiring diagram of supporting frequency converter

启停信号:start stop signal

频率给定0-10V:frequency setting of 0 to 10V

速度到达:speed arrival

零速运行:zero speed operation

故障输出:fault output

Ⅲ. Parameter setting

Function codeSetting valueFunction
P0-221Resolution: 0.1
P0-101000Maximum output frequency: rated frequency of motor
P0-121000Upper limit frequency: rated frequency of motor
P1-02200Rated voltage of motor
P1-041000Rated frequency of motor
P1-056000Rated speed of motor
P0-0100V/F mode
P0-021Terminal control
2AI1 Given analog quantity
P0-174Acceleration time 1
P0-188Deceleration time 1
P5-001HDO terminal output: collector output
P5-012HDO terminal output: fault output
P5-024T1 relay output: frequency arrival


23T2 relay output: run at zero speed