Protection Method of the Inverter

Protection Method of the Inverter


In order to reduce costs, many solar pump inverter manufacturers did not consider heat dissipation. In this way, when the load current is large or the charging current is large, the heat increases, and the internal resistance of the field tube of the controller is increased, resulting in a substantial decrease in the charging efficiency. After the field tube is overheated, the service life is greatly reduced or even burned. Especially in summer, the outdoor environment temperature is very high, so a good heat sink should be indispensable for the controller.

MCT charging mode: The charging mode of the conventional solar controller is to copy the three-stage charging method of the mains charger, namely constant current, constant voltage, and floating charge. Because the energy of the mains power grid is infinite, if constant current charging is not carried out, it will directly cause the battery to burst and be damaged. However, the solar energy panels power of the solar street light system is limited, so it is unscientific to continue to use the constant current charging method of the mains controller. If the current generated by the battery panel is greater than the current limited by the first stage of the controller, then the charging efficiency will decrease. The MCT charging method is to track the maximum current of the battery board without causing waste. By detecting the voltage of the battery and calculating the temperature compensation value, when the voltage of the battery is close to the peak value, the pulse trickle charging method is adopted. It can not only make the battery full, but also prevent the battery from overcharging.

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