Service Process

Service Process

the service process

Flow Description: 

  1. If the product fails during use or the user has problems in debugging the product parameters, the user can call the MICNO Service Hotline (400-861-8111) for service;

  2. The following information should be provided when the customer is repairing: the name of the on-site contact, contact information, machine model, serial number, and fault phenomenon;

  3. After receiving the customer's fault repair call, the MICNO Service Engineer will communicate with the user by telephone and give a troubleshooting plan;

  4. In the case that the telephone communication does not solve the problem, arrange the engineer for on-site service or notify the customer to send it to the designated service point for maintenance according to the fault condition;

  5. After the problem is solved, there are designated follow-up personnel to carry out follow-up maintenance on the work of the on-site machine. No matter which way of service, the ultimate goal is to help the customer solve the problem before the service is completed.