Introduction to the Power of Solar Pump Inverter

Introduction to the Power of Solar Pump Inverter


The solar pump inverter is one of many categories of inverters. It has the same main function as our common grid-connected inverter, which is to convert photovoltaic direct current into alternating current. However, the pump inverter has made a lot of improvement measures, which saves a lot of costs for the system and expands the scope of photovoltaic applications.

1. Functions of solar pump inverter

The solar pump inverter is an off-grid inverter that does not depend on the power grid and can work independently with a load. However, conventional off-grid inverters need to be equipped with batteries to work, and lead-acid batteries are expensive and account for 30% of the system. Around, the lifespan is short, only 3-5 years, which affects the investment income of the system. The photovoltaic water pumping system does not need to be equipped with batteries. It works when there is sunlight. A water tower is built at a high place. When water is needed, water can be drawn from the water tower. The solar pump inverter itself will also be equipped with a water level switch, which is very convenient and practical, and its function is equivalent to off-grid. The battery in the system, but the cost of the water tower is much lower than that of the battery.

2. Power introduction of solar pump inverter

The motor is the most difficult load to carry in the off-grid system, because the motor needs a lot of energy to start. The starting power of the conventional motor is about 3 times the rated power, while the pump motor needs to pump the water to a high place, and the starting power is 5 times the rated power. If the conventional off-grid inverter needs to have a water pump motor, it needs to be enlarged by 5 times. For example, a 2kW water pump motor needs a 10kW off-grid inverter to drive it.

During normal operation, the input of the DC terminal must be greater than 2kW, so that the motor can run continuously. This increases the cost of the system, and the solar pump inverter has added a special algorithm, generally only 20% of the power can be increased, such as a 4kW pump motor, it can be started with a 5kW pumping inverter. During operation, the photovoltaic input power does not require 4kW to run continuously, and about 1kW can also make the water pump run.

MICNO's solar pump inverters convert the DC power of the solar array to AC power that can drive a variety of pumps to provide clean water to remote areas where power is scarce. Although the solar pump inverter accounts for a small proportion of the cost of the solar water pump system, it is the core equipment of the system. It controls and regulates the operation of the solar water pumping system, in addition to converting the direct current generated by the photovoltaic modules into alternating current, it can directly drive the water pump to work. If you still want to know more about solar pump inverters, you can continue to follow us or consult our official customer service online, we will provide you with high-quality service!