What are the Common Problems in the Use of Solar Pump Inverter?

What are the Common Problems in the Use of Solar Pump Inverter?


The solar water pump inverter is the core component of the photovoltaic system. It can convert direct current to alternating current, and it can also feed back the operating status of the system to users. However, when you use it, it is inevitable that there will be some problems. MICNO will give a specific introduction to the common problems and solutions of photovoltaic inverters.

1. How to modify the power-on voltage?

Many of you don't know how to modify the power-on voltage when using the solar pump inverter. In fact, this can be done in the user interface, select the settings, enter the password, and then click the power-on voltage to change the power-on voltage. The value that can be entered must be within the allowable range. If the entered value is not allowed, then it cannot be successfully entered. This is a point to note.

2. Why is the power generation significantly reduced?

Since the battery pack of the solar photovoltaic water pump inverter has a barrel effect, its power generation is reduced, usually due to foreign matter or uncleanness on the surface of its components. At this time, you can wipe the surface. After wiping clean, see if the power generation has increased. If the power still does not increase significantly after wiping, it can be detected whether the shadow is blocking the photovoltaic panel. At this time, the shadow needs to be removed in time, otherwise hot spots will occur, which will affect the service life  and power generation of the solar photovoltaic pump inverter.

3. How to use LCD display?

This can be achieved by moving the cursor. For example, you can move the cursor up or down, or click the OK key. If you click the ESC key, you can move the cursor forward or back.