Application of MICNO Frequency Converter in Stone Cutting Machine

Application of MICNO Frequency Converter in Stone Cutting Machine



1. Working principle:

The stone cutting machine uses a large flywheel to drive the gang saw to move back and forth in parallel to cut the stone into dry pieces. It is a large moment of inertia equipment. When cutting different stones, the size and hardness are different (smaller) , the output of the motor is working under low load; in the process of cutting stone, its power will fluctuate with the two cycles of the back and forth travel of the saw blade. Due to the large inertia characteristics of the equipment, when the brake unit is not used, the motor will stop for as long as 30 minutes before it can be completely stopped. When the stone shifts, stop the machine to correct the position of the stone. Before the inverter is installed, it is very difficult to start, and the parking time is too long, which seriously affects the work efficiency.

Main technical requirements: The starting torque should be large; the equipment has a large inertia, and the rebound voltage needs to be suppressed.

2. Transformation case:

Company Name: A Stone Co., Ltd. in Quanzhou, Fujian

Transformation equipment: stone cutting machine (marble gang saw)

Main motor: 132KW=1 set

Inverter: KE300-160G/185P-T4 1 set

Brake unit: MDB-200-T4 1 set

Braking resistor: 16KW/3.5Ω 1

The test data is as follows:

Before transformation: no-load current: 110-120A, load current: 130-140A

After transformation: no-load current: 90-100A, load current: 110-120A

3. Product advantages

The KE300 series open-loop vector inverter of our company has been selected, which has broken through the technical requirements and is superior in current control to other brands of inverters in the same industry. It has been successfully applied to stone cutting machines---gang saw machines. Achieve significant energy saving effect, comprehensive power saving rate (generally around 8%-10%).

Braking control, due to the large inertia of the gang saw, the recoil voltage caused by the inertia during free parking is very high. If the control is not good, it is easy to damage the capacitor of the inverter. Our KE300 inverter can effectively alleviate the damage caused by running and stopping The problem of high voltage and frequent braking, in addition to improving the energy saving space, can also reduce the investment in equipment costs.