Service Introduction

Service Introduction

1. Service tenet:

Providing customers with the best service in the industry, which is convenient, valued, safe, professional, considerate and trustworthy, customer satisfaction is our eternal goal.

2. Service philosophy:

Based on the market-the spreader of technology value [maximize the company's products or systems application technology and performance, corresponding to the actual usage needs of customers]

Based on the company-the propeller of product improvement [ feedback the product market performance information to the company's technical resources sector, to promote the improvement of product quality and design quality, improving customers' product satisfaction]

3. Service management

6A Service-6 critical moments in contact with customers, service is the ultimate, that is, level A service

Services & Support

4. Service commitment

Product SeriesRework or on-site serviceInstallation and commissioning serviceInspection service400 national unified service hotlineRemote service supportUpgrade service
All seriesFree during the warranty periodpayable servicepayable serviceFree serviceFree servicepayable service

5. 400 business introduction

The MICNO National Unified Service Hotline provides you with all-round services such as technical consultation, feedback, application for return to factory maintenance and on-site maintenance. We will provide you with quality service quickly and professionally!

National unified service hotline: 400-861-8111