KE300A Rotary Cutter Solution

KE300A Rotary Cutter Solution


Ⅰ. Description of the non card rotary cutter

With the continuous improvement of modern living standards, building materials, furniture, decoration and other industries have achieved unprecedented development,and the wood-based panel, plywood and other manufacturing technologies have  also achieved rapid development. The domestic demand for wood rotary cutting equipment is increasing day by day. However, at present, the rotary cutting machine equipment used in China is relatively backward, with low degree of automation and low production efficiency. Therefore, the development of new rotary cutting machine equipment has become an important topic in front of enterprise production.

The traditional wood rotary cutting machine has a clamping shaft rotary cutting structure, which uses the clamping jaws to clamp the two ends of the log to be processed. For the log with small diameter, due to the action of the clamping jaws on both sides, the force on the log is uneven, the rigidity in the middle is weak, the phenomenon of knife letting and knife adjustment will occur, and the thickness error of the processed plate is large. The new electric control frequency conversion on-line rotary cutting machine without clamping shaft cancels the clamping shaft by using the non clamping shaft to roll, so that the log does not need to be clamped tightly and centered, and the clamping of the log is not affected by the quality of the core material. The rotary cutting speed and cutting speed of the rotary cutting machine are reasonably adjusted and controlled by using relevant electromechanical control technology, so as to produce qualified wood boards with uniform thickness and uniform length specification, On the premise of meeting the wood processing accuracy, improve the wood processing efficiency and use efficiency.


固定驱动辊--fixed driving roll; 待加工圆木-- Logs to be machined; 进给驱动辊--feed driving roll; 刀具--cutter

Ⅱ. System introduction

The KE300AA frequency converter (standard communication component) is selected.

The main control system is the core component of the rotary cutting machine design. It is the key system to reflect the rotary cutting accuracy and real-time on-line control of the rotary cutting machine. Its composition mainly includes: PLC, the core programmable controller of the control system, frequency converter that can realize rotary cutting speed control, RS485 interface, limit, emergency switch, etc. Each switching value and data storage and transmission in the rotary cutting process of log are logically controlled by PLC. The feed rate is converted into impulse through online sensor and fed back to PLC, and the PLC calculates its corresponding frequency. PLC communicates with frequency conversion through RS485 interface, and the feed drive electric motor realizes real-time dynamic speed regulation for the given corresponding frequency, The feed speed is fed back to PLC control through the detection feedback system. The forward and reverse control of the feed system is also completed through the integrated control of PLC. The control system realizes the real-time on-line frequency conversion control of the rotary cutting process through the frequency pulse input signal. The schematic diagram is shown in the figure below:


起挺控制--bang-bang control;限位开关--limit switch;紧急开关--emergency switch;检测反馈系统--detecting and feedback system;RS485接口--RS485port; 进给驱动系统--feed driving system;KE300变频器--frequency changer

Ⅲ. Advantages of the solution

The system has the characteristics of high accuracy, humanized operation and high wood utilization efficiency. It can effectively save log materials and improve production efficiency.