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  • Industrial Automation
    Based in the field of industrial automation, MICNO is committed to providing customers with a wealth of industrial control products: variable speed drive, servo systems, high-performance motor products, and specialized industrial system solutions which can help manufacturing customers accelerate to Industry 4.0. In hot weather, the power consumption of air conditioners accounts for more than 40% of peak power. Therefore, it is a very good power saving technology to use a frequency conversion device to drag the refrigeration pump, cold water pump, and fan of the air conditioning system. Many crushers and ball mills are used in metallurgical mines and building materials. The effect of this type of load after frequency conversion is remarkable. In large metallurgy, building materials, caustic soda and other large industrial rotary kiln (converter), most of them used DC, commutator motor, slip motor, cascade speed regulation or intermediate frequency unit speed regulation.
  • Solar Energy
    Based on the demand for distributed PV grid-tied power generation system and understanding of future development, MICNO solar technology relies on 15 years core inverter and control technology research and application and follows stable, efficient and maintenance-free product design concept to provide high-quality string solar grid-tied.