Application of KE610 in Injection Molding Machine

Application of KE610 in Injection Molding Machine



For half a century, plastic has become one of the main materials for industry, agriculture and civilian use. Injection molding machine is a special plastic molding machine.It utilizes the thermoplasticity of the plastic, and after being properly heated and melted, it flows into the model quickly under high pressure, and is kept under pressure for a certain period of time and cooled. Become various profiles and plastic products.The promotion and application of frequency converters on injection molding machines can save electric energy, improve productivity and product quality, reduce oil pollution and noise pollution, and prolong the service life of machines. Therefore, it will be gradually promoted and used.

Working Principle of Injection Molding Machine

Plastic injection molding uses three states (solid? liquid? solid) to form the required plastic products with the help of injection molding machines and molds.Although all injection molding machines are not the same, the working process of the injection molding machine is basically the same, which can be roughly divided into seven processes: clamping, injection, pressure holding, melting, cooling, mold opening, thimble (thimble in, thimble back) , injection seat retreat), etc., each process in turn requires different working pressure and flow rate, except for high-pressure mold clamping, plastic injection and plastic melting, which require relatively high pressure, other processes work under very small pressure, the pressure and The flow is regulated by the pressure proportional valve and the flow proportional valve, and the pressure and flow are controlled by adjusting the opening of the pressure proportional valve and the flow proportional valve.


锁模机构 Mold locking mechanism

螺杆 Screw

进料斗 Feed hopper

模具 Mould

变速泵 Variable speed pump

落料机构 Blanking mechanism

送料机构 Feeding mechanism

推入机构 Push-in mechanism

注塑机构 Injection mechanism

带蓄能器的变速泵 Variable speed pump with accumulator

Introduction of Energy Consumption of Injection Molding Machine

The power consumption of the injection molding machine is mainly consumed by the oil pump, so reducing the power consumption of the oil pump motor is the key to energy saving of the injection molding machine.In the hydraulic system of the quantitative pump, the motor runs at a high speed of 50HZ, and the oil supply of the oil pump is basically unchanged, which is far greater than the actual flow demand of the injection molding machine.The excess high-pressure oil is all returned to the oil tank through the overflow valve.There is a huge waste of energy.

Energy-saving Solutions for Injection Molding Machines

After careful research and testing, we have successfully developed the KE610 injection molding machine dedicated frequency converter for injection molding machines and pressure injection machines.The system automatically detects the required oil pump pressure and flow target values in the cycle production of the injection molding machine, and analyzes and calculates these signals, realizing that it only takes about 0.1 seconds to drive the oil pump from static operation to the highest speed, which is synchronized with the oil valve response time , It solves the industry bottleneck of the decline in production efficiency of injection molding machines.It can achieve the same power-saving effect as synchronous servo without replacing the motor and oil pump, and without changing the hardware of the hydraulic system.


电源 Power supply

比例流量信号 Proportional flow signal

比例压力信号 Proportional pressure signal

KE610注塑机专用变频器 KE610 special inverter for injection molding machine

油泵电机 Oil pump motor

注塑机控制板 Injection molding machine control board

定量泵 Constant displacement pump

电流反馈 Current feedback

What Are the Advantages of Injection Molding Machine Transformation

Energy Saving: save electricity to the greatest extent; its electricity saving rate is 25%-70%;

High Efficiency: Rapid start-up response, high production efficiency, and no impact on cycle time.

Convenience: Simple installation, no need to replace the motor and oil pump, very convenient debugging and maintenance, fully consider the ease of use for the signal acquisition of the upper computer, and the failure of the servo drive will not affect the production.

Stability: Large margin design, strong protection ability, and the oil temperature and noise of the whole machine operation are also significantly reduced; it is suitable for high temperature, vibration, and oily environments of injection molding machines and pressure injection machines.

Economic Benefits After Transformation


注塑机锁模力 Locking force of injection molding machine

电机功率 Motor power

一般工况 General working conditions

每小时耗电 Power consumption per hour

升级后 After upgrade

每小时省电 Power saving per hour

每月省电量 Monthly electricity saving

每年省电量 Annual electricity saving


Power saving is to create benefits. After the power saving transformation of the entire power system, it can achieve a one-time investment and long-term benefits.This energy-saving transformation not only reduces the electricity bill, but also provides excellent safety protection for the injection molding machine, which will help protect the service life of the motor, electronic components, switching components and other equipment, and can also play the role of soft start of the motor, reducing Equipment investment cost, maintenance cost, improve enterprise production efficiency, increase enterprise benefit.Improve the market competitiveness of enterprise products.