Solar Pump Inverter

The solar pump inverter( Solar Pump VFD ) converts the DC power of the solar array into AC power, which can drive various pumps and provide clean water for remote areas where power facilities are scarce. Although the solar water pump inverter accounts for a small proportion of the cost of the solar pump system, it is the core equipment of the system. Solar VFD controller controls and regulates the operation of the solar pumping system, besides converting the direct current generated by the photovoltaic modules into alternating current that can directly drive the water pump to work. When the light intensity is insufficient or in rainy weather, it can be connected to the mains or oil engine backup power supply mode to drive the system to pump water to meet the needs of users around the clock. The control method of the photovoltaic pumping inverter motor is frequency conversion control. As the light intensity increases, the output frequency also gradually increases, and the corresponding pump motor speed will be faster and more powerful. No battery interface design, no battery investment are required. For pure water storage applications, photovoltaic pumping inverters are undoubtedly the best choice. With the development of photovoltaic inverter technology and people's comprehensive consideration of environmental protection, a photovoltaic water pumping system will become the preferred solution to solve water problems in remote areas due to its advantages such as easy installation, no manual attendance, low cost, and zero carbon emissions.

High-Efficiency Solar VFD Inverter

Solar pump inverter is a high-efficiency solar water pump controller which is mainly used for daily water supply, agricultural and forestry irrigation, desert control, livestock, drinking water, sewage treatment, scenic fountain and swimming pool, etc. As the solar water pump system is eco-friendly and economical, energy-saving protection. It can obviously improve the living standard of people in areas lacking water and electricity. MICNO KE300A-01 series solar pump inverter with MPPT function has been widely used in different countries, especially in the Middle East and Africa area.

A VFD for solar pump is an electronic device to control the circulating pump in a solar hot water system to harvest as much heat as possible from the solar panels and protect the system from overheating.

What is Solar VFD Controller

Solar pump controller consists of a series of solar panels that are connected in parallel allocation to generate the power and voltage required. When the sunlight varies during the day, the power input to the drive also varies and the solar pump controller generates a variable ratio to control the speed of the motor.