MICNO: Awarded the CE certification

MICNO: Awarded the CE certification


After professional certification body's for up to 3 months of rigorous testing, MICNO KE300 series low-voltage Frequency Inverter eventually meet all the directives,  and successfully obtained the  CE certification, which marks the  MICNO  products could be successfully exported to overseas markets, especially the European markets.

CE Certificate

The design and process of the MICNO inverter are in line with international standards. The core spare parts are from manufacturers with CE or UL certification, for example,  we use the IGBT with infineon or fuji brand so that we can confirm the quality. At present, KE300 frequency converter has been successfully applied in various industries such as fan and water pump, washing industry, machine tool equipment, woodworking equipment, simple lifting and lifting equipment, air compressor, centrifuge, ceramic machinery, etc.

With the intense compete,  the successful acquisition of CE certification further proves the high quality and high performance products. It great supplies a base for the promotion and sales of products in the world.