MICNO ERP System Running Smoothly

MICNO ERP System Running Smoothly


Since May 1, 2013, MICNO new ERP system officially on line, runs smoothly and builds a good management platform for MICNO Enterprise construction.

With the rapid development of our company, MICNO has established more than15 branch offices in the domestic market, and also exported the products to over 30countries. The yield increasing at the same time, also caused some problems, such as: long production cycle, resulting in the loss of customers; lots of urgent orders in hand, but raw materials are not in place on schedule. Tremendously it influenced the production scheduling and reduced customer satisfaction. 

All of these reveals the old ERP system's functions are simple and can not meet our needs anymore. MICNO new ERP system changed the purchasing, production, sales and other decentralized management mode into centralized management. Implemented the information stream, capital flow, and physical distribution into one. Greatly decreased the cost, optimized the production process, enhanced our company's management level.