KE330 Open Structure Inverter Popular in the Market

KE330 Open Structure Inverter Popular in the Market


To meet the market demands, MICNO launched the KE330 open structure frequency inverter. KE330 consists of movement and radiator, with the same function and performance as KE300 or KE600. KE330 open structure inverter is mainly used for the OEM market and customers. KE330 has two advantages. Firstly, the users can design the product appearance according to the site realities, keep consistent with the overall style of equipment, offer customized service for clients. Secondly, provide OEM service, and reduce the cost for our partners.


Since KE330 entered the market in the next half-year, it’s warmly welcome with good feedback from users. The customized service and low-cost make KE330 standing out in the market. In the future, MICNO will continue to provide the perfect solution for the users.