Construction lift

Construction lift

Construction elevator is an indispensable and important construction equipment in modern high-rise construction with large tower crane.

Current construction elevators can be divided into three types according to their speed: low-speed elevators of 0~40m/min; Medium speed ladder with 0~63m/min; The high-speed ladder of 0~96m/min. Common elevator control is through the contactor control to achieve a single speed, start/brake impact on the structure and the mechanism is more serious damage, electrical components are also easy to damage, and the running speed is relatively low, generally 34~38m/min, not only affected the construction speed but also affected the benefits of the construction enterprise. If the speed is simply increased, the acceleration will be too large, the impact of the structure and mechanism is too large and accelerate the wear of gear rack and brake disc, reduce the reliability of operation. With the increase of building floors, all high-rise buildings over 400m adopt 96m/min high-speed ladders to improve the construction efficiency. The use of brake resistance to release the construction of the elevator down the energy, the need for a huge brake resistance. Long time braking (400m long distance, continuous braking time more than 5 minutes), there is a great waste of energy and a certain safety hazard.

System 2 introduction

The entire electrical system consists of PLC, KE200 inverter, energy feedback unit, main drive motor, reducer, inverter reactor, transformers, handles, etc, control of elevator stop, up and down, fast, release the brake and various protection, so as to realize the stable operation of elevator efficient, safe, and will feedback to the grid generated when the elevator down the renewable energy, to achieve better energy-saving effect.

Advantages of three schemes

  • High efficiency, its operation speed can reach 60 ~ 70m/min, which is twice the operation speed of traditional lift (34m /min).

  • Can achieve energy feedback, good braking effect, and can save a lot of energy.

  • High low-frequency torque.

  • Effectively solve the transmission impact of the mechanism and extend the service life of gear, roller, bearing and rack. Due to the current limiting function of the frequency conversion system, the impact current of the motor on the power grid is reduced when the motor is started, and the interaction between electrical equipment is alleviated.

  • Frequency conversion speed regulation system has perfect safety protection function. Such as under-voltage, over-voltage, over-torque, over-current protection, so that the reliability of the entire electronic control system, safety is guaranteed.

  • Due to the low speed braking system, the brake has relatively small rotational friction, which greatly extends the service life of the brake.

  • Compared with the traditional non-speed elevator, ride comfort is greatly improved.